Individualized Wheelchair Seating Guides for Older Adults

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Current seating methods are clearly not meeting the needs of elderly persons. However, few caregivers know what to do about it. What is needed is individualized seating. Individualized seating means identifying the person’s body contours, range of motion, orientation in space, and implementing a seating system that best positions and supports the person for comfort and function.

You will note that there are two Parts to the Guide – Part I is a Guide for Caregivers and Part II is a guide for Professionals. Although some of the content is the same in each of the guides, there are some significant differences in several chapters. Please refer to the Tables of Contents of each guide to determine the differences and identify your particular needs.

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J Rader, RN, MN, FAAN; D Jones, PT; L Miller, RN, PhD

Mt. Angel, Oregon


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