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Guest Blog: A Simple Guide to a Complicated Health Care System

This article was written by Jodi Smith of, an online resource for those seeking the best health insurance quotes. HMO, PPO, POS… Huh? If you look at these commonly used acronyms and are completely clueless as to what they … Continue reading

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Pellucid Goes Live

Back in 2002 I was asked to make a hospital-level report card for a couple dozen hospitals in New York on some Pneumonia measures. Seemed like a fun project, and it went off without a hitch. Since then I have … Continue reading

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Partners in Health

My boss – Dr Anthony Shih – is co-author of the chapter “Achieving the Vision: Payment Reform” in the recently published book “Partners in Health”, available in Hardcover and Kindle. Partners in Health: How Physicians and Hospitals can be Accountable … Continue reading

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Should Paul Levy be More Transparent?

As many of you already know, health care transparency evangelist Paul Levy, CEO of BIDMC in Boston, is having a bit of of trouble with his professional life apparently colliding with his personal life. Details are unknown, but include an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate. Mr Levy apologised to his staff via e-mail for his lapse in judgement, and little else is known. Continue reading

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I Bet They Ain’t Moving to Canada

ATLANTA, Georgia, March 19, 2010 ( – A new poll reveals that President Barack Obama’s health care reform may push as many as a third of the nation’s practicing doctors into shuttering their offices and getting out of the medical … Continue reading

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Field Trips are Fun! Random Op-Ed is Fun Too!

I received a link this morning to a cutesy video wherein Doctor Marshall advocates for Congress to come visit a hospital on a field trip and truly learn what’s broken in health care. Obviously, a day late for me, but … Continue reading

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About Health Satisfaction Two Point Oh!

The past year has seen some leaps and bounds in the way me and my team can rapidly handle publicly reportable data and get it onto Web sites. The two underpinnings of this are CLAIRE, the Claire Lightweight Agile IPRO … Continue reading

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Good Driver Discount

Seems to me the health insurance companies go on and on about how it should be more like auto insurance, everyone needs to be in the pool. I’m in favour, generally, although I wish it were a single-payer pool, but … Continue reading

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Save MySQL

Sign The Petition.

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Why Not The Second Best?

‘Tis the season to work all night every night for a couple of weeks. The newly updated went live this weekend, with a spiffy new look and four gajillion new rows of data. Well, truth be told it’s about … Continue reading

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