About Health Satisfaction Two Point Oh!

The past year has seen some leaps and bounds in the way me and my team can rapidly handle publicly reportable data and get it onto Web sites. The two underpinnings of this are CLAIRE, the Claire Lightweight Agile IPRO Reporting Environment; and Pellucid, the health care transparency database system. CLAIRE is a software framework built on CakePHP that allows the dev team to grab up Pellucid data and quickly deploy Web applications. Pellucid is a MySQL data warehouse we built to house every single publicly reportable value we know of or can calculate in house. More on both of these technologies later.

So last week I initiated a test. I gave the dev team a week to come up with a complete rewrite of our Hospital Satisfaction Web site, and lo and behold they did it! You can go visit AboutHealthSatisfaction.org and review patient surveys of nearly every hospital in the US! Why are you still here? Click the link already.

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