Good Driver Discount

Seems to me the health insurance companies go on and on about how it should be more like auto insurance, everyone needs to be in the pool. I’m in favour, generally, although I wish it were a single-payer pool, but that aside… if we are all going to be in the pool, how about some good driver discounts? If I quit smoking, I don’t get my premium lowered last time I checked. For auto insurance I can take a defensive driving course and knock 10% off the bill. How about reducing my premium for attending wellness sessions?

The difference between auto insurance and health insurance is that it’s not a definite that you’re going to have a car accident. You are most definitely going to get old and die. If you take good measures along the way to reduce your level of sickness, shouldn’t you get a discount? Insurance companies wishing to adopt my proposal can do so free of charge, but I wouldn’t mind a carton of cigarettes and a bottle of scotch as a nice thank you. INCENT ME!

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  1. Michael Hickins says:

    Or a bottle of scotch and a pack of chewing gum.

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